Blue Cypress Books

Blue Cypress Books isn’t exactly on the beaten track traditionally favoured by tourists hanging out in The Big Easy. And by that I mean it’s not located in the French Quarter. While venturing more than three blocks from Bourbon Street may seem scary, I can 100% guarantee you will not be the only hungover person … More Blue Cypress Books

Any Amount Of Books

I happened to stumble across Any Amount Of Books during my lunch-break one rainy day back in 2013. At the time I was working in a different bookshop close by (you know you’re a true bookseller/lost cause when you choose to hang out in bookshops in your spare time, amirite?!) but it was pretty corporate … More Any Amount Of Books

Kristyna in Prague

Kristyna sits next to us on the plane. My friend had won our fight over the window seat (then promptly fell asleep as soon as the engines kicked in, not that I’m still bitter or anything) and for whatever reason I am never able to read on planes, so the decision to start chatting with … More Kristyna in Prague

Shayne in LA

I dislike LA a lot. I’m travelling with my best friend and we’ve compromised our differing tastes to spend three days in LA (her choice) then 3 days in Santa Fe (my choice). We are staying on Hollywood BLVD which turns out to be dirty and sketchy and a little bit scary. We want to … More Shayne in LA

Lance in Hawaii

I meet Lance on the beach at 5am, my first day in Hawaii. I’m stupid jetlagged and am absolutely convinced it’s 9 in the morning and my dormmates are just sleeping late. My watch is still on British time so I head to the beach, because what else are you supposed to do when you’re … More Lance in Hawaii