Better The Devil

Better The Devil: The world yawns,  wide and waiting,  while I stand frozen in this city, asking everyone else before I ask myself and breaking off piece after piece to feed the birds.                         – Jules Sanderson


Language: I spoke secrets with you Once upon a salty time And look where that Has left us.          – Jules Sanderson


Youth: You want to live an amazing life, says my mother. And in her eyes I can see how much she aches to cure me of this affliction.                – Jules Sanderson


Wild: You exist best in the wild places. Sometimes I forget just what that can look like.        – Jules Sanderson


British: I’m trying to cry more She said. And I knew exactly what She meant.                 – Jules Sanderson  


I have chosen To pitch my tent On the edge of the cliff Where I can see, in the distance Everyone I’ve ever known Stable and Secure On solid ground.   And then I wonder Why I do not feel safe.   The drop beside me, The fall into the UNKNOWN Is always so close … More Edge