Blue Cypress Books

Blue Cypress Books isn’t exactly on the beaten track traditionally favoured by tourists hanging out in The Big Easy. And by that I mean it’s not located in the French Quarter. While venturing more than three blocks from Bourbon Street may seem scary, I can 100% guarantee you will not be the only hungover person … More Blue Cypress Books

Shayne in LA

I dislike LA a lot. I’m travelling with my best friend and we’ve compromised our differing tastes to spend three days in LA (her choice) then 3 days in Santa Fe (my choice). We are staying on Hollywood BLVD which turns out to be dirty and sketchy and a little bit scary. We want to … More Shayne in LA

Lance in Hawaii

I meet Lance on the beach at 5am, my first day in Hawaii. I’m stupid jetlagged and am absolutely convinced it’s 9 in the morning and my dormmates are just sleeping late. My watch is still on British time so I head to the beach, because what else are you supposed to do when you’re … More Lance in Hawaii